Move Drupal site from local host to webhost

posted Oct 24, 2011, 1:05 AM by magic stone   [ updated Oct 24, 2011, 1:43 AM ]
1. Disable Clean URLs

2. Clean logs and stuff (Administer / Site config / Error Reporting)

3. Make sure the temporary files folder is configured correctly (Administer / Site config / File system)

4. Upload all files to my new webhost via FTP

5. Edit settings.php and insert new Mysql user/pass for the new server

6. Export the data from local server

7. Import on the web server

9. Logon to the new site, enable Clean URLs again and check everything.
On D7, before moving to drupal to an other location, I disabled "clean url"
But no, it is not possible to re-enable it :
even with javascript disabled, the checkbox doesn't appear, only the button "trun the clean url test".
Solution is simple: to uncomment the .htaccess
line 104 (in D7.7) RewriteBase /


The problem was that Clean URLs module was enabled. I should have disabled this before copying the database. To solve the problem, on the new site clone site, I typed

This allowed me to log in as the admin.

Then I got the url for the Clean Url module and repeated as above. Thus I now had

I was now able to disable Clean Urls and everything is working now!

Disable Clean URLs in database

1) Open phpmyadmin and select your database.
2) Browse on "variable" table and find the name "clean_url"
3) Change the value from s:1:"1"; to s:1:"0";
4) Run the mysql command "DELETE FROM cache;"

Disabling Clean URLs

Add this line to the end of settings.php

[ 'clean_url'] = 0;


Run the mysql command "DELETE FROM cache;".