Drupal 7 Tutorials Beginner to Expert - Part 1

posted Jun 23, 2011, 12:06 AM by admin@ revitviet.vn

Hi Guys,

Drupal is becoming so much popular these days. I want to start writing series of drupal 7 tutorials ranging from beginner to expert level.

I want to keep it simple and straight forward.This tutorial is the first step to Drupal 7. Absolute newbie can start here. Some of the general questions i hear from a absolute beginner is listed below with answers.

  • Can i implement this feature in Drupal 7 ?  (This can be any web feature like a widget, poll, gallery etc)
    • If you can do it using any other programming language (Php, Java, Python, Ruby) you can do in drupal too.
  • Why should i choose drupal 7 ?
    • Manage content easily, add features quickly, out of the box solutions from drupal community (Contributed Modules.)
  • Can drupal scale ?
    • Best example is drupal.org which handles millions of requests in each month.
  • Can used for enterprise level applications ?
    • Economist.com
  • Should i pay for using Drupal ?
    • It's absolutely free.
  • What kind of websites can i create using Drupal 7 ?
    • E- Commerce
    • University Sites.
    • Rich Media Content Site.
    • News Sites.
    • You can create any kind of site using drupal. There is no limit.

What is the requirement to learn Drupal 7 frame work ?

  -- If you want to develop a simple site then

                 You  just need enthusiasm to learn Drupal 7 CMS. Even if you don't know programming language, database concepts, css, html its completely fine. Still you can build a beautiful website using Drupal 7.

  -- If you want to build dynamic website with web rich apps then you should know

  • PHP programming language.
  • SQL concepts.
  • CSS
  • HTML knowledge.
  • Drupal API knowledge.

Below given links will give you an idea real power of drupal

So you can build any site using this amazing, beautiful, powerful framework. Stay tuned with me to get started with Drupal 7 step by step installation in my next post.