Drupal 7 Tutorial Part 5: Understanding Drupal 7 Block Region Settings

posted Jun 23, 2011, 12:42 AM by admin@ revitviet.vn

Hi Everyone,


In this tutorial i want to discuss more about Drupal 7 block settings. In previous tutorial we saw how to create simple Drupal block. In this tutorial we will extend the block we created using different settings in block.


  • Login as admin and hover on the block you created you can see a link to configure block, when you click on wheel like icon at top right hand side. Using this link directly we can go to block configuration settings. This link is only visible to administrator or user with proper permissions to manage blocks.

Region Settings:

  • Let's start with Region Settings block as shown in below image.

  • Basically we can enable multiple themes on Drupal. Theme is a template which gives your site more consistent design and look. I will discuss more about themes  in upcoming tutorials. For example, Drupal core comes up with two themes. Namely Bartik theme which is default theme and Seven theme which is used in administration pages. Basically, We can have multiple themes enabled in Drupal site but only one theme is visible for end user and we can set separate theme for administrator.
  • To see these settings in action. Let's configure them. We already selected "Sidebar second" as region for bartik theme in last tutorial. Now let's select "content" for seven theme and click on save button at bottom. Now' let us see how these changes affected our block.
  • When you go to any page other than administrator page our block is visible in "sidebar second " region. For example in Home Page you can see our block in right hand side.
  • If you go to any administrator related page, for example goto any link on top black menu bar let's say Dashboard you can see contact us on top content region. So in bartik theme our block is placed in "sidebar second" region and in seven Administrator theme same block is placed in "Content" region as shown in below image. So basically region settings allows block placed in different regions in different themes.


Stay tuned with me to know about block visibility setting in my next tutorial. Feel free to drop a comment below if you have any queries.



Anil Sagar